Sunday, December 21, 2014


Today is the shortest day of the year!

Solstice sun, shining bright,
Shortest day, longest night.
Make peace on Earth; Make peace within.
At the sun's rebirth; 'round the wheel again.
*~*Have a blessed Winter Solstice!*~*

To celebrate - I am picking up my pencil for the day.
Stay tuned...

Saturday, December 6, 2014


WHEN RABBITS WERE GODSThis piece, a favorite of yours truly, was named as one of the ten best submissions for 2014 by ILLUSION 360 magazine.

I am thrilled to death!



The Small Press Expo (SPX) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in 1994 to promote artists and publishers who produce independent comics. SPX hosts an annual festival that provides a forum for artists, writers and publishers of comic art in its various forms to present to the public comic art not accessible through normal commercial channels.

I am so happy they recognized REGARDING THE SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS!

I need a nap!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Dustin Campbell is an amazing human being.
The founder and proprietor of BUNNYZINE magazine manages (and executes) all of the article selection, editing, layout, and web page upkeep. That is a lot of work for one soul.
Yet, there he is, toiling away for “the cause.”  THE CAUSE is, naturally, all things rabbit!


As of November 1st, 2014, the rabbit world has become a more colorful place due to the offering of BUNNYZINE MAGAZINE, a monthly digital (PDF) magazine that “focuses on positive, bunny-related things.”
The main feature for each issue is on a particular bunny (or bunnies).
After that, it will be a mixture of “various events, stories, products, and community-fueled features.”

This mixture also includes the comic strip:

But wait! There's more!
And here is the best part, any proceeds raised from donations go to a “RESCUE OF THE MONTH.”
This is an online fundraising effort to assist with rabbit rescues. The overhead for rescues is enormous: general bills, food, vet, etc.

BUNNYZINE is a much needed (and wanted!) eZine for the rabbit community.
I am very proud and pleased to be part of this online endeavor.

Did I mention that they offer affordable advertising?
Sales from advertising go to BUNNYZINE's content, marketing and maintenance.

Dustin has stated:
My dream is to get 5000 regular downloaders and have the rescue of each month receive $1000 or more.
We can help make this happen!

Download the premier issue (and all issue in the future) along with a special issue here:

Don't have a PDF viewer? NO SWEAT! Download here - it's FREE!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I must say that MIDWEST BUNFEST 2014 was a wonderful event for this artist!
I cannot stress enough how much I love "BUNNY PEOPLE." I know that may come as a surprise to many of you *ahem*.

At one point, I looked out over the crowd (and there WAS a crowd - ALL DAY) and announced, "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE." Because, let's face it, *I* am a crazy bunny lady. Granted, I am NOT as crazy as some -- but I am DEFINITELY crazier than others. We are a proud people.

I believe "BUNNY PEOPLE ARE A PROUD PEOPLE" may be the next T-Shirt design!

I want to thank-you all who came up to introduce yourselves! I know I say it a lot - but I am always humbled when someone appreciates my work. Whether it is one of my drawings or it is the REGARDING SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS comic.

When it comes to these things it is a bit unnerving for  me. But I LOVE meeting you and I LOVE hearing about your buns! And I heard a LOT about them! I met a few rabbits that were just absolutely beautiful. Actually - they ALL were beautiful. This is the one event where one sees an actual baby in a stroller and it looks "off."

I met two very impressive English Lops. I think I am being swayed into the Lop world. They are very seductive. Anyway, the good news is: I was given permission to use someone's Lops as models for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I now have LOP SUPER MODELS.


Many people had some things to say about the hotel. I like hotels: the jankier, the better. If I can come home with a story, it was a successful stay. I am here to report: it was a successful stay.

I am not sure if you want to read about the dead fly on the bathroom floor but know that we have a photo of him for posterity. The poor fellow apparently ended his life. He was right next to the trash can. I can only surmise that he was aiming for what must look like a "gaping abyss" (the can's opening), hit the wall and expired on the Ramada Inn floor. The 5th Floor bathroom floor will always be a sad reminder of one who lost hope and buzzed into the next life.


The pillows were AWESOME. I want some Ramada Inn pillows.

There are so many thank-you's. Forgive me if you bent over backwards to make this event possible for me this year and I forget to add you. Send me hate mail and I can add you...

1. KEVIN HADDAD - Your "art panels" are amazing! I am moved by your kindness.

2. JEFF DICKSON / WHITE TOYOTA ON THE CENTRAL AVE. STRIP -  I had not truly "lived" until my behind was warmed by padded, heated seats. The mini-van saved our lives. We would have been struggling to get gigantic panels and a plethora of art to Columbus. AND we did it WITH heated seats!

3. FRED LEFEBVRE / WSPD - Thank-you for being such a good "shill." Although I think it was more like a Carnival Barker. Lunch with the former Mayor chatting about BUNFEST was worth the whole event!

4. DELANEY CAVANAUGH & KELLY CLOLINGER - My two youthful employees who kept me sane and laughing. They are my go-to's when it comes to help and opinions. They can't do math, however they can run a mean calculator.

5. MIDWEST BUN FEST FOLKS - ALL OF YOU. Thank-you for checking in and thank-you for making sure I wasn't losing my marbles, so to speak. The event seemed twice the size of last years and with coming to a new venue, you handled it all so brilliantly... even the SNAFU's!

6. AUTUMN AASAN - I would not have been nearly as cool without your seamstress skills! I have one BAD BUN shirt because of you!


7. OHIO HOUSE RABBIT RESCUE - Responsible for the whole SHEBANG!
8. THE REST OF YOU! - From the bottom of my heart: thank-you for loving rabbits.
They are a special kind and you share that special *knowing* with me.

Friday, November 7, 2014


That Lady is... not really ready - but I *am* waking up!


Monday, November 3, 2014


My daughter managed a special delivery of TWINS. One girl and one boy. The girl resides in NICU doing brilliantly with gastroschisis. The beginning of their arrival was on the living room floor.

One thing that can be said about my family: there is NEVER a dull moment.


The boy is home. I am believing she will be joining her brother soon... in time for my birthday, in fact.


The morning of their birth I was driving around at 5 am. (Because that's what crazy rabbit artists do). I saw a pair of deer: one male, one female. I stopped and rolled the window down. (Because that's what crazy rabbit artists do). They both looked right at me and their eyes caught a reflection so they looked somewhat possessed with glowing eyes.

I found out, quite soon after I might add, that my daughter was birthing in the middle of her living room floor. Stay tuned for "Deer Art."

Having said all of the above again - an injured squirrel found his way into my driveway. In fact, he is one of the friends I feed daily. He lost the use of his back legs. I scooped him up and carted him off the NATURE'S NURSERY in Whitehouse, Ohio. (Because that's what crazy rabbit artists do).

Upon last report, he had made it. I need to call today to check-up on the little guy. I got a bit distracted.


I will post an update... on EVERYTHING.
(Because... well... you get the idea).

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Today, these three pieces are heading into SW Michigan. It is for a show that I am so sentimentally attached to that I will be 90 and still breaking a hip to get work to it.

The rabbits continue their conquest of the area...

Thursday, October 23, 2014


A study of mortality and the hare-as-Spirit-messenger.

because I can't just draw a picture

Contrary to what some think, the Hare is quite different than a rabbit. Besides obvious physical differences, the hare is more solitary and tougher than the rabbit.  Hares don’t live in warrens or have maternity nests.  The young hares are born so well-developed that they can fend for themselves within a few hours of their birth.

The Hare travels swiftly between spirit realms, changing shape as need arises. Hare's limber grace lets you move safely in strange or chaotic environments, and through different social or spiritual realms, gaining valuable insight and wisdom from each one. []

because I can't just draw a picture

*Prints are now available through Society 6 and Zazzle.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Belonging to the "Community of Rabbits" is a blessing in so many ways. This also comes with stories of sorrow and loss though.  I never fail to be moved by someone's bond with an animal. And I find some of the rescue stories to be almost unbelievable. Some of the rabbits come from what humans would consider war-torn backgrounds.

Sherlock was a bun with hind-end paralysis and was passionately loved and cared for. His owner recently said good-bye. I was moved by the many photos of the owner's young daughter holding Sherlock through his journey. He was never alone.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I do horrible things to my rabbits and post the evidence online.


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tonite was the opening of OVERTURES III at LeSo Gallery in East Toledo. Although the night was a bit chilly, it was quite active! There was a good turn out and HAVEK was outside doing Graffiti.

A lovely woodwind quartet and sangria topped off my evening. I have never had sangria before. I was really hoping it would taste like grape juice. It did not. I also saw some familiar faces! One was an old workmate who helped me maintain my sanity at one of my less-than-stellar "jobs." We worked 3rd shift and part of that experience was that every night the Spinners' "Rubber Band Man" played on the radio. I should have requested the tune from the quartet.

Imagine these instruments with people attached to them.

Having shared all of the above, I also must bid "good-bye" to HANGIN' ON. She was sold this evening. I was fortunate enough to meet the person who purchased her also. Oddly enough, I was doing an imitation of my oldest daughter at one of my other shows... when she stood in front of one of my drawings and shouted, "I LOVE THIS! IT'S THE BEST PIECE IN HERE!"

So... there I was - in front of HANGING' ON and re-enacting the story for my on-lookers. She saw me do this. *ahem*


*HANGIN' ON: Created during the severe illness of one of my rabbits. It illustrates a point of coming to terms with "letting go" or "hanging on". The red balloon is, traditionally, a symbol for the soul. It became a self-study of learning to "give death" when the time had seemingly arrived. Whether it is good or bad to hang on or let go... I know not. The rabbit is still with me. The illustration has found a new home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I *always* love hearing from people about their rabbits, their lives and, of course, when it involves some of my art!
Hey... I am only human. [HINT: Contact me!]

Of course, it always humbles me when someone is touched by something that I do.
This photo was sent to me of a piece about a bunny named, "NEI NEI."

The water color was more of a "sketch-book" thing - working out sadness brought on by the story of  Nei Nei's passing. Sometimes the stories are just outright sad. The bonds that can exist between beast and human have no words. I do not believe for a minute that those bonds are ever broken. Not even in death.

Below is a DARK SIDE OF THE BUN fan! (I hope that isn't a grimace!)

I always love the dichotomous picture of the big burly manly man who loves his "bunnies."
There is nothing sexier...

Friday, September 19, 2014


I just spent the last week pouring over this book:

Scott McCloud wrote a comic book about comic books! The approach isn't so much a "how to" - but a delve into the history and creation. We are taken back to times of cave paintings, brought through to the cuniform in the Kish tablets and into modern art movements vs. writing.

It is a comic dialogue of what comics are, where they came from and what they CAN BE.

His website is a treasure trove for anyone interested in this art form.

Then... THIS happened:

Friday, September 12, 2014


These three pieces were accepted into the next LeSo Gallery exhibition: OVERTURE III here in Toledo, Ohio.
The rabbits are beginning their conquest of the city...

The one piece that was a more "traditional" rabbit, did not make the cut.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I like to recycle my art. Here is a fine example of me taking a graphite pencil drawing and going nuts in a Photoshop tutorial. The piece took on a life of its own...


Memory of Fire: Genesis, Eduardo Galeano.
This is the age of the fifth sun.  After the destruction of the fourth sun, the gods gathered together to decide who would become the next sun.  Tecciztecatl, proud and rich, volunteered, but they needed someone else.  So Nanauatl, a poor god, was chosen.  A huge bonfire was built, and when the time came, Tecciztecatl attempted to throw himself into the flame, but his fear overwhelmed him.  Nanauatl closed his eyes and jumped.  Ashamed, Tecciztecatl follows him into the fire.  Eventually, two bright suns rose in the sky.  Angry that Tecciztecatl continues to follow Nanauatl, the other gods throw a rabbit at him, dimming the sun and leaving an imprint of a rabbit on his face.  This is why the Aztecs say there is a rabbit in the moon...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I was out in the yard with my "Big Boy" Sam. He is a full sized Rex but he is the biggest Rex I have ever seen. I suspect he is a hybrid of a Rex and Godzilla. But I digress... While sitting in the yard with Sam, a wild cottontail bolted out of the fence right beside us. The wild one bolted OVER Sam and stopped dead about 20 feet in front of us. He seemed to pant a bit - but then settled in under the Mulberry tree. We all stared at each other for a cool 20 minutes until the Wild One took leave. The Wild One visits daily. This is him:


Inspired by the impromptu staring contest:


Find Prints of the WILD ONE here.

Friday, August 15, 2014


While on one of my *many* visits to the veterinarian within the past 2 months, I had the pleasure of meeting a rat. Poor little thing was injured and was forced to wear a cone of shame. She inspired this:

I was expecting comments such as, "Interesting use of geometrics", "Interesting delve into a post modern style" or even, "Poor rat!" I did not get any of those comments, albeit I had a few "thumbs up" on Facebook. (Where would my self-esteem be without those thumbs?) What I was asked, privately, was, "Where is the bunny?"

First, let me express the appreciation for that comment! I always revel in being "The Bunny Lady." Second, let me explain that even when there are no bunnies - there are ALWAYS bunnies. Third, let me show you some of my other "non rabbit" indulgences!

I grew up in a farming community surrounded by all manner of beasties. I managed surviving to adulthood with an abundant appreciation for all of them. Except maybe creepy bugs like centipedes. Those things give me the heebie jeebies. Anyway... enjoy the forthcoming works along with some of the included tales of inspiration!



Murray was a beloved feline of dear friends. He decided to cross over into the cosmos. Although I had never actually met Murray, his humans certainly have imprinted on my psyche. This rendering is color pencil on a shale gray cool pressed Crescent stock.

Growing up, I had a black cat named "Jazbo." Then I had a black cat named "Sam." Then I had a black cat named "Gregory." I sense a theme in my childhood. All three kitties were just plain nuts but loved me completely. These two facts could be (and I suspect are) completely related. BLACK CAT was rendered with Adobe Illustrator

One of the first poems I forced to memorize was William Blakes, "TYGER, TYGER."
Tyger Tyger, burning bright, / In the forests of the night; / What immortal hand or eye, / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
*THAT* wrote memorization/recitation (after over 35 years even) is evidence of educational trauma.

Overheard while eavesdropping on a conversation: "The stupid cat licked the Drano bottle."






This was the result of my obsession with the raven that Noah sent from the ark. Many people demonize that raven that Noah sent out first. What those people probably do not understand is that like the dove, ravens are homing birds. Noah purposely allowed for the raven to have its “home” on land. The bird not returning simply meant that the Earth was ready to be home again. The raven is not a symbol of selfishness - the raven is a symbol of dedication and home.


I loved the above holiday image so much I used it for my FBook banner!

... and for a birthday card!


The Latin translates into: AMERICAN SMOKING CROW



The day I moved into my new apartment, a squirrel hunkered under my car. I saw his tail. When I got on my hands and knees I saw that he was near death. Some animal had gotten him. There was no reason for him to even still be alive. I wrapped him in one of my shirts and carted him to the veterinarian. I placed him in the "box" that would be his last. I placed my hand on the clear glass and wished him a good journey. And I cried. This was him. In my mind. Waiting for me on the other side.

Why, yes. I *did* have a difficult time getting over that squirrel. Why do you ask?


As fate would have it - I am now surrounded by squirrels. Every season brings new ones.

One evening, I was driving down a side road. A buck bolted out of the woods and began running next to my car. He was so close his face was next to my window. I slowed down and could literally look into his eye. I yell, "What are you doing?" and laughed. He then ran back into the forest. I pulled over to collect my senses.


The friend of a friend. He has long since crossed over...

Commissioned piece: portrait of a therapy dog. The human is a former soldier and credits this fellow for survival.

I see animals in the clouds.

MOBY DICK is one of my all time favorite novels.


Every family has one.

My daughter with her favorite beastie.

Ohio has stupid laws.

Upon seeing the first ultrasound of her first born, my daughter exclaimed, "It's a dragon!"


She hangs over my bed.

From my sketchbook.

And now... some versions of humans.

I'm... not sure. Let's just move on...



So... there are some samples of "the others." Remember, however, in all of them is The Spirit of The Rabbit. There are ALWAYS rabbits. Always...