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RAGING BUNNEHZ is listed as one of the most appreciated projects worldwide regarding “bunnies” on BEHANCE!

This is actually my HERE THEY RAGE! Gallery!


RUN RABBIT RUN is inspired by, if you haven't already guessed, Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON's song, BREATH. I supposed it is also an effort to balance out my piece, DARK SIDE OF THE BUN. There is a serious artist inside of here, after all... maybe.

Revisiting/Researching Art Deco, I found some magnificent poster work that distracted me for days, I decided to work with geometric shapes of the prism (triangle), circle and the “square” of the art board. As I work, I tend to also bury my head in study.  I knew I was going with Gold and black with the goal of printing on metal and having my standard Pink Floyd music in the studio – VIOLA!

I was nearly ¾ of the way finished when I discovered AWESOME cover art from the likes of UFOMAMUT (whom I had NEVER heard of). I was able to work the TITLE into the piece. Albeit tempted to use skulls and wings and naked ladies (Thanks to you UFOMAMUT), I refrained.

Stay tuned for the final Aluminum Print!

THIS... is a must look: UFOMAMUT POSTER ART


Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Claire’s Day, northwest Ohio’s largest free family book festival, is a book fest dedicated to inspiring children and families to be lifelong readers through exposure to a variety of literary opportunities and experiences. The whole thing is done to honor Claire Lynsey Rubini, who passed away from a heart condition in 2000 when she was ten years old. Each year, an estimated 5,000 people attend. One of the highlights includes presentations by authors and illustrators. Of course, one of my personal favorites was there, Nancy Shaw.


She has authored a plethera of books about sheep and their lives: SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT, SHEEP BLAST OFF! And SHEEP IN A JEEP are three of my favorites! Needless to say, they are hysterical. At least... to ME, they are hysterical. The illustration for SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT just cracks me up!


But... the best part of all~ I have a fan!


For more information about Nancy Shaw and Claire's Day:

Nancy Shaw's Web Page

Buy her books online!

Claire's Day Information



Society 6 is running Free Worldwide Shipping this week. BUT - they are also kicking it up to include $5 Off Tanks, Tees and V-Necks! Offer stands: Friday, May 23 2014 to Monday May 26, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Myth is the primordial language natural to [the] psychic processes,
and no intellectual formulation comes anywhere near

the richness and expressiveness of
mythical imagery.
- Carl Gustav Jung
Be it known that I am not shy about sharing my horrific obsession with Mythic Arts and Symbolism.
Carl Jung is LIVID!

I also go on familial adventures through ancestry.com. In these ancestrial jaunts, I have found that I come from a line of interesting folk. One of which is Cassasndra Southwyck. She was a rebel Quaker among Puritans, was kicked out of the community for sticking to her Quaker ways and her children were put up for auction to pay legal fees.

Provided Southwyck was the first recorded white woman auctioned into slavery – except no one would buy her (There is a Country song in here somewhere). She married a Gaskill. The couple is documented in the infamous Salem Village Witch trials as witnesses against the charges of witchcraft. They tried to save lives. They didn't.

Read more about Provided here:

The Gaskill line leads to more witchy shenanigans in the form of Pennsylvania Dutch Powwows (a Christian Healer/Conjurer). And that line leads to my Grandmother (a Powwow herself) who, well, leads to me (not a Powwow). In the course of all of this, I am also reading up on my Celtic Roots (My name sake and all), and the Midwifery/Witchiness involved. Apparently, these folks stick together.


The symbolism for Rabbits and Hares is endless and fascinating. They represent the gamut of humanity. Different cultures focus on different aspects. In America's past, Rabbits and Hares were considered “familiars” for witches. How appropriate!


It is believed this "devil-connection" was surmised from the Celtic beliefs surrounding the little ones. My stronger Celtic interests provide more hare symbolism than I can write here. However, I want to share this gem:
In Ireland, it was said that eating a hare was like eating one’s own grandmother — perhaps due to the sacred connection between hares and various goddesses, warrior queens, and female faeries, or else due to the belief that old "wise women" could shape–shift into hares by moonlight...

It was believed that rabbits burrowed underground in order to better commune with the spirit world, and that they could carry messages from the living to the dead and from humankind to the faeries.

The Symbolism of Rabbits and Hares
by Teri Windling

I read the above quotes out loud in my living room and one of the other humans responded: “You're a shape – shifter! That explains a LOT.” For the record, It's called “Menopause.” I dwell in a rather droll household. So, you may ask (maybe you didn't, but I digress), what is it Raging Bunnies takes away from all of this research.
Well... allow me to show you:

Yes, that is me and one of my lovies (modified pink Chuck Taylors inclusive)

For more on Mythic Arts, this is a fantastic place to start:


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Apocalypse Meow [Cat Shit 1]
Based on the Apocalypse Meow Graphic Novel by Motofumi Kobayashi

As an illustrator and rabbit-lover, I cannot begin to express my overall nerdiness over this first release of CAT SHIT 1 from 2009. The plans are still in production for a 12 episode series. I was both horrified and taken over by an overdose of cute all at the same time.


Cat.Shit.One.2009 full movie by roysmith96

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Local illustrator named to worldwide top 200 list
Written by Staff Reports | | news@toledofreepress.com
By Chase Will

After 20 years of honing her skills, local illustrator Penny Collins has been recognized as one of the Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide by Lüerzer’s Archive.
Lüerzer’s Archive is a bi-monthly magazine for the advertising industry, based in Europe with a global circulation of over 38,000 subscribers.

“I’m still on the ceiling with this,” Collins said. “I could not believe it when I got notification.Out of the billions and billions of talented people out there, and even in Toledo alone,to be picked for something like this is really great.”

“I love that she’s from Toledo. Out of everyone who enters, only about 20 percent areeven from the U.S.,” said Claudia Coffman, chief executive of ad sales at Lüerzer’s Archive.

“We sent out a call for submissions for the illustrators and they submitted their work.
It was free to submit and they could upload as much work as they wanted. We got over
5,000 submissions, which were judged by a five-person jury and had to receive at
least three markings to be considered.”

The painting submitted by Collins, titled “Save the Bunnies,” featured a bunny wearing
a gas mask, sitting in front of a skull. It was created for a company in California who
specialize in rabbit rescues. “It’s rather dark,” Collins said. “I ended up being inspired
to do it for them because ofthe horror stories they would tell me about these animals.”

Collins runs Studio 566, where she sells her artwork and does commissioned pieces
when requested. Her primary artistic focus is rabbits.

“What they tell you when you get into the business is find something you’re
passionate about, because that’s basically what you’ll focus on for all your
projects,” said Collins. “My next big project is doing a little cartoon strip
with rabbits. I found a niche with these rabbit people, so I’m working on this
book of cartoons I’m planning for next year.”

Collins credits much of her success to the Internet, which allows her to find
opportunities to submit her work and communicate with peers in her field.

“Everything’s at our fingertips now. Everything you’ve ever wanted to do, you can do,
” Collins said. “The Internet helps yet it doesn’t, because everyone and their mother is
out there doing it. You’ve got to hit it hard. You basically make your own opportunities
as opposed to waiting for them to come along.”

With several years of passion recognized in a prestigious magazine, Collins said
she’d like to encourage other aspiring artists to pursue their dreams.

“That would be a piece of advice I’d give any artist struggling to make it;
you’ve got to get online, and you’ve got to take advantage of what’s out there,” Collins said.
“Toledo’s just one town. We’ve got the world at our fingertips.”

Studio 566 is located at 425 Jefferson St. For more information on Collins’ work, visit:

Toledo Free Press

Thursday, May 8, 2014


RAGING BUNNIES / STUDIO566 just got the HOP AHEAD for the Midwest Bunfest 2014! This event,
sponsored by the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, is one of the highlights of my year. All bunny people
from all over show up to this event to share, show off and just BE all things rabbity.
This includes: health and welfare, rescue, Glamour Photos (they even make a calendar out of said shots),
treats, care, nick-nacks, art *ahem* and all-out celebration.

It is glorious to know that crazy bunny people have a peer group. I have made entertaining acquaintances
as well as life-long friends (and some of those friends are even the human kind).
I heart the Midwest Bunfest HARD.

Needless to say, I am excited!
This year for the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, Raging Bunnies is donating THIS for raffle:

18" x 18" Black Tote

PS. If you can't wait - design is available here:

My inspiration: Samuel L. Jackson (The "l" is for "LOVE")

Sammy and his BA Buns of Anarchy Biker Jacket

If you are around during the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, stop by the RAGING BUNNEHZ table and say, “Hi!”
I always enjoy meeting everyone and hearing about their furry beloveds.

For more information about the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, visit:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lürzer's Archive

I am honored to have been chosen for the
Lürzer's Archive Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide
2014/2015 Annual.

RADIOACTIVE (SAVE THE BUNNIES) was chosen for the annual and is one of my favorite "bunny pieces" depicting a survivor-hare in the midst of a post apocalyptic crisis. The piece is clearly modeled after old WWII propoganda posters.

The inspiration for this poster were the 100's of "war-stories" told by rabbit rescuers. The purpose of the poster is to advocate the rescue and adoption of rabbits and was created, specifically, for the 2014 Midwest Bunfest to be held in Columbus, Ohio.

Lürzer's Archive is a bi-monthly magazine for the advertising industry and has been described as "one of the foremost advertising magazines in the world.