Thursday, May 8, 2014


RAGING BUNNIES / STUDIO566 just got the HOP AHEAD for the Midwest Bunfest 2014! This event,
sponsored by the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue, is one of the highlights of my year. All bunny people
from all over show up to this event to share, show off and just BE all things rabbity.
This includes: health and welfare, rescue, Glamour Photos (they even make a calendar out of said shots),
treats, care, nick-nacks, art *ahem* and all-out celebration.

It is glorious to know that crazy bunny people have a peer group. I have made entertaining acquaintances
as well as life-long friends (and some of those friends are even the human kind).
I heart the Midwest Bunfest HARD.

Needless to say, I am excited!
This year for the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, Raging Bunnies is donating THIS for raffle:

18" x 18" Black Tote

PS. If you can't wait - design is available here:

My inspiration: Samuel L. Jackson (The "l" is for "LOVE")

Sammy and his BA Buns of Anarchy Biker Jacket

If you are around during the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, stop by the RAGING BUNNEHZ table and say, “Hi!”
I always enjoy meeting everyone and hearing about their furry beloveds.

For more information about the 2014 Midwest Bunfest, visit:


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