Tuesday, May 27, 2014


RUN RABBIT RUN is inspired by, if you haven't already guessed, Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON's song, BREATH. I supposed it is also an effort to balance out my piece, DARK SIDE OF THE BUN. There is a serious artist inside of here, after all... maybe.

Revisiting/Researching Art Deco, I found some magnificent poster work that distracted me for days, I decided to work with geometric shapes of the prism (triangle), circle and the “square” of the art board. As I work, I tend to also bury my head in study.  I knew I was going with Gold and black with the goal of printing on metal and having my standard Pink Floyd music in the studio – VIOLA!

I was nearly ¾ of the way finished when I discovered AWESOME cover art from the likes of UFOMAMUT (whom I had NEVER heard of). I was able to work the TITLE into the piece. Albeit tempted to use skulls and wings and naked ladies (Thanks to you UFOMAMUT), I refrained.

Stay tuned for the final Aluminum Print!

THIS... is a must look: UFOMAMUT POSTER ART



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