Wednesday, June 11, 2014


That has got to be one frightening word to bunny parents. I just spent 2 days holding vigil over my ornery Dutchie girl, Russette. She ate half of a dried apricot – and it almost killed her.

As you know (or maybe don't), the minute you notice bunny listless, not eating, drinking and voiding, it is time to call the vet. Which I did. The poor girl wouldn't even move. Her eyes were dull. The mischievous one was seemingly gone.


The vet took her in for a few hours of observation. I usually see a farm vet (whom I LOVE). She informed me that I needed to get Russette to another vet STAT. This vet is “One of the best” for these issues. She introduced herself as Doctor “O.”


Dr. O. snuggled up to Russette on the table, kissed her on the forehead and said, “Poor girl – we gotta get you better.”
I did what any strong American raised-in-a-farming-community gal would do: I blubbered like a baby.

I was told that she was in pretty bad shape and the doctor could not guarantee anything. If things did not improve by morning, I was to rush her back into the office.

It is a fact that rabbits, when ill, fair better in their home surroundings. I brought her back to her hutch, her husbun and her insane humans. I was assigned the task of giving shots (anti inflammation), administering oral medication (for pain) and Critical Care feeding. And also lots of love, some belly massages and a heating pad set on low.


I have poked myself and bled. I now have a Critical Care Feed cemented hair style. I now have a fur covered T shirt, scratches and one hateful rabbit. I love her that much.

I slept with that rabbit next to my body on the heating pad . There was a point I really thought that she was going and
I told her that it was ok. If she needed to go – “go.”

Oh, and I prayed to a Catholic Saint for intercession (I am NOT Catholic – or even close to it) and promised that if she pulled through, when I became a millionaire that I would build a rabbit rescue in his honor: St. Francis of Assisi Russette Rabbit Rescue.

And I blubbered some more, which woke her up – which apparently offended her. She took off like lightening down the hallway, crapping all the way! When I caught her (20 minutes later), she crapped on my foot.

I put her in her hutch and held vigil... all night. She is now more active, her kidneys are working, her intestinal track is working, she nibbled cabbage and laps water from her bowl. I will keep you all posted.

In the meantime...
I am currently taking donations for the St. Francis of Assisi Russette Rabbit Rescue.


  1. OMG soo glad your bun is okay.
    Side note: this was really well-written. I like this blog!

    1. also, I want to did the apricot treat make him sick?

    2. @puptherabbit: Dried apricots are just plain BAD for bunny. They are high in sugar and their digestive system just cannot deal with them. It is like a giant sugar bomb. My girl likes to sneak around and snag things I leave laying around - and although it was a rather small piece of apricot - this was the result.

    3. I'm sorry - I forgot to thank-you @puptherabbit for your kind words about my blog! (I am easily distracted - LOOK! BUNNY!)

  2. Wow! Thankfully I've never given my buns apricot! Glad your baby is better

  3. OMG i just read your new blog post and wish I could delete my previous comment. I'm so so so sorry!!! :(

    1. Wow I am losing it tonight. I misread your post and thought you lost your bun. You said you ALMOST lost her. Sheesh I gotta take my time lol. So i go back to my first comment and I am glad she is okay :) :::Hides face in embarrassment:::

  4. It's all good! The 2nd bun went into BLOAT but pulled through also! The third bun of the house is just fine... it's been a long strange trip!