Sunday, July 27, 2014


I find that I love speaking with the family veterinarian, Dr. Tim Reichard from Bird & Exotic Pet Wellness Center:
The topics range from hay types to poop to art and philosophy.

He is rather passionate about his job and the creatures in his care... including the human creatures owned by his patients. One of the more interesting discussions stemmed from his question:
So how is our boy, Lance, been acting? (Lance is almost 100% from bloat and an ulcerated cornea).
My answer:
He hasn't quite been himself since all of this. He is a different rabbit, seriously. He has always been affectionate to me -- but not everyone. Lance is now very affectionate. He is also very ornery. He knows the greens are in the refrigerator and I caught him trying to open the fridge... He broke into the printer to get papers to chew... I swear he had a near death experience and is going YOLO.
Dr. Tim stated that he believes human beings have a tendency to underestimate animals... especially their emotional make-up. He picked up Lance, looked him in they eye and said, "I'm glad you decided to stay with us."

Oh. The. Feels.


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