Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I *always* love hearing from people about their rabbits, their lives and, of course, when it involves some of my art!
Hey... I am only human. [HINT: Contact me!]

Of course, it always humbles me when someone is touched by something that I do.
This photo was sent to me of a piece about a bunny named, "NEI NEI."

The water color was more of a "sketch-book" thing - working out sadness brought on by the story of  Nei Nei's passing. Sometimes the stories are just outright sad. The bonds that can exist between beast and human have no words. I do not believe for a minute that those bonds are ever broken. Not even in death.

Below is a DARK SIDE OF THE BUN fan! (I hope that isn't a grimace!)

I always love the dichotomous picture of the big burly manly man who loves his "bunnies."
There is nothing sexier...

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