Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tonite was the opening of OVERTURES III at LeSo Gallery in East Toledo. Although the night was a bit chilly, it was quite active! There was a good turn out and HAVEK was outside doing Graffiti.

A lovely woodwind quartet and sangria topped off my evening. I have never had sangria before. I was really hoping it would taste like grape juice. It did not. I also saw some familiar faces! One was an old workmate who helped me maintain my sanity at one of my less-than-stellar "jobs." We worked 3rd shift and part of that experience was that every night the Spinners' "Rubber Band Man" played on the radio. I should have requested the tune from the quartet.

Imagine these instruments with people attached to them.

Having shared all of the above, I also must bid "good-bye" to HANGIN' ON. She was sold this evening. I was fortunate enough to meet the person who purchased her also. Oddly enough, I was doing an imitation of my oldest daughter at one of my other shows... when she stood in front of one of my drawings and shouted, "I LOVE THIS! IT'S THE BEST PIECE IN HERE!"

So... there I was - in front of HANGING' ON and re-enacting the story for my on-lookers. She saw me do this. *ahem*


*HANGIN' ON: Created during the severe illness of one of my rabbits. It illustrates a point of coming to terms with "letting go" or "hanging on". The red balloon is, traditionally, a symbol for the soul. It became a self-study of learning to "give death" when the time had seemingly arrived. Whether it is good or bad to hang on or let go... I know not. The rabbit is still with me. The illustration has found a new home.

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