Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I must say that MIDWEST BUNFEST 2014 was a wonderful event for this artist!
I cannot stress enough how much I love "BUNNY PEOPLE." I know that may come as a surprise to many of you *ahem*.

At one point, I looked out over the crowd (and there WAS a crowd - ALL DAY) and announced, "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE." Because, let's face it, *I* am a crazy bunny lady. Granted, I am NOT as crazy as some -- but I am DEFINITELY crazier than others. We are a proud people.

I believe "BUNNY PEOPLE ARE A PROUD PEOPLE" may be the next T-Shirt design!

I want to thank-you all who came up to introduce yourselves! I know I say it a lot - but I am always humbled when someone appreciates my work. Whether it is one of my drawings or it is the REGARDING SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS comic.

When it comes to these things it is a bit unnerving for  me. But I LOVE meeting you and I LOVE hearing about your buns! And I heard a LOT about them! I met a few rabbits that were just absolutely beautiful. Actually - they ALL were beautiful. This is the one event where one sees an actual baby in a stroller and it looks "off."

I met two very impressive English Lops. I think I am being swayed into the Lop world. They are very seductive. Anyway, the good news is: I was given permission to use someone's Lops as models for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I now have LOP SUPER MODELS.


Many people had some things to say about the hotel. I like hotels: the jankier, the better. If I can come home with a story, it was a successful stay. I am here to report: it was a successful stay.

I am not sure if you want to read about the dead fly on the bathroom floor but know that we have a photo of him for posterity. The poor fellow apparently ended his life. He was right next to the trash can. I can only surmise that he was aiming for what must look like a "gaping abyss" (the can's opening), hit the wall and expired on the Ramada Inn floor. The 5th Floor bathroom floor will always be a sad reminder of one who lost hope and buzzed into the next life.


The pillows were AWESOME. I want some Ramada Inn pillows.

There are so many thank-you's. Forgive me if you bent over backwards to make this event possible for me this year and I forget to add you. Send me hate mail and I can add you...

1. KEVIN HADDAD - Your "art panels" are amazing! I am moved by your kindness.

2. JEFF DICKSON / WHITE TOYOTA ON THE CENTRAL AVE. STRIP -  I had not truly "lived" until my behind was warmed by padded, heated seats. The mini-van saved our lives. We would have been struggling to get gigantic panels and a plethora of art to Columbus. AND we did it WITH heated seats!

3. FRED LEFEBVRE / WSPD - Thank-you for being such a good "shill." Although I think it was more like a Carnival Barker. Lunch with the former Mayor chatting about BUNFEST was worth the whole event!

4. DELANEY CAVANAUGH & KELLY CLOLINGER - My two youthful employees who kept me sane and laughing. They are my go-to's when it comes to help and opinions. They can't do math, however they can run a mean calculator.

5. MIDWEST BUN FEST FOLKS - ALL OF YOU. Thank-you for checking in and thank-you for making sure I wasn't losing my marbles, so to speak. The event seemed twice the size of last years and with coming to a new venue, you handled it all so brilliantly... even the SNAFU's!

6. AUTUMN AASAN - I would not have been nearly as cool without your seamstress skills! I have one BAD BUN shirt because of you!


7. OHIO HOUSE RABBIT RESCUE - Responsible for the whole SHEBANG!
8. THE REST OF YOU! - From the bottom of my heart: thank-you for loving rabbits.
They are a special kind and you share that special *knowing* with me.

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