Friday, January 2, 2015


The strength of relationship between a house rabbit and their humans is one that needs no explaining to anyone who is around us “rabbit people.” It may be the same with dogs, cats, cows, chickens, horses, etc – but I am not currently typing these words with a warm dog, cat, moo cow or even chicken sitting on my feet. The little heart beat at my feet is one of my companion-rabbits, Lance.


I have had the blessing of being raised in a farming community with many animals in my life (including: cats and dogs, I had a pet chicken, pet ducks and I so loved the dairy cows to the point I could have put one in my bed to snuggle).

None have had the affect that the rabbits have.

I can't explain it. To some of you, I don't have to. To others – well – I will simply assume you are not a rabbit-lover or a lover of a rabbit-lover. . .

These days, I am splendidly surrounded by many others who share their lives with these fantastical beasties. Sometimes this great bond we share is one of grievous heartache when one of the furry ones pass. And sometimes – when one of these furry ones passes from their human's life, I am dumbstruck at how it affects me.

There is no specific reason as to why any one experience of death would have preference over another. Whatever the case – I find that there are times when I am left with a gut full of emotion that needs expression.

So... I draw.

According to Teri Windling, it was believed that rabbits burrowed underground in order to better commune with the spirit world, and that they could carry messages from the living to the dead and from humankind to the faeries (

Symbolically speaking (or maybe not-so-symbolically) perhaps these rabbits, the latest being a girl named Jordie, are simply passing a message to me.

I, in turn, give it to you.



  1. Gorgeous picture. Absolutely beautiful

  2. So well put both in word and art. In the past six months I have lost two. I've lost loved ones human and pets over the years. It is a mystery to me why the loss of these two rabbit friends drives so very deep, remains raw and is so easily kindled (by the way this picture completely did me in... you perfectly captured that moment which speaks more than volumes). Thanks.