Sunday, January 25, 2015


It is 2:00 am Ohio time and I am wide awake. I am worried about a rabbit. Or maybe I am worried about humanity in general. I have never met this rabbit but a good friend of mine, some 1500+ miles away, met the abandoned one. What else would anyone do but call their Crazy Rabbit Lady friend? May I introduce you to tonight's obsession:

The alarm was sounded and rabbit rescuers in the Georgia area were alerted. I know the big boy is safe tonight. He is snuggled inside a garage with blankets and lettuce and water and the love of all kinds of people who have rallied around him. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be a good day.

*BIG * Boy with another good Samaritan

There was no dramatic capture involved. The rabbit simply hopped up to my friend.
How long do you suppose that docile of a house rabbit would have survived?

The rest is, as they say, history.
For the life of me, however, I cannot fathom just turning out a house rabbit and shutting the door.
All cruelty springs from weakness... and things are done for all kinds of reasons.

Until he extends the circle of compassion to all livings things, Man will not himself find peace.
                                                                                                             --Albert Schweitzer

Tonight - I know the rabbit is in good hands as my friend has a good heart for such things.
He is a righteous man and has regard for the life of his beast.

Thank you, My Friend... for one once of faith in humanity restored.

May The Rabbit Gods bless you.

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