Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I realize I have been quiet. I have also been horrifically busy. I had the show in Los Angeles, I went to Las Vegas and I am keeping up on the comic.

BUNNYMANIA! seems to have been a success! I have been informed that one of my pieces SOLD!:


The original is now gracing somebody's wall. I will need to find something to hang over my bed to replace this! I humbly thank everyone at BUNNYMANIA! for this opportunity -- especially Delia Cabral for putting up with the numbers of correspondences I bombarded her with.

Meanwhile -- while I am working on thumbnails for a children's book. I cannot release details but it is a wonderful "story" and it is a LOT of work.

I have also started another rabbity piece with an "Irish" flavor and will be MIA (hopefully).

Also, this piece also found a new home:


The comic is still well and can be seen at:

I am already seeing sad and anguishing results of those impulse and/or non-researched bunny purchases from Easter. Please, if you find you are at the end of your rope with a new bunny (or one you have had for a little while or even a LONG while), contact your local HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY. If you cannot find a local Society or a rabbit rescue, contact the national organization and they can help hook you up with someone that will help you. The help includes either working WITH you to figure out your "juvenile delinquent" or with re-homing.

Do not abandon your rabbit.
They CAN NOT survive in the wild. It isn't like releasing a cat on a farm. It isn't like all the "BUNNY ISLAND" videos you see posted. Bunny Island was an extraordinary circumstance and the island is actually not as "cute" or "happy" as it appears.

Sammy is a bit ... forward.


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