Saturday, September 19, 2015


I received a letter and a photo from a fan today. The Amazing Raspberry on Tumblr let me know they loved REGARDING THE SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS' art style and shared her version of her own bun. I wanted to share the art because I think it is just so stinkin' cute!

Feel free to send any fan art and I will post it!

Here are my latest endeavors. I am not sure why, but I tend to work on a couple projects at once now. I used to not do this: I was always a full-focus on one thing kinda gal. Perhaps I prefer this methodology because it allows me to disappear from the world for a while.

Believe it or not, I started this 3 years ago. This is a project strictly for myself. I am passionate about the hare symbol for transitioning and feminine symbolism in general. I wanted to include meaningful symbols for me to "contemplate" in my "art room."  This little corner of paradise actually looks like a rabbit shrine ...

The little blue moon gazing hare statue was the thing that started this ball rolling. The full moon has a distinct running hare shadow. I like the fullness of the "Mother Moon" coupled with the running transition.

The above is how my projects usually start. I scrawl out simple thumbnails into a small notebook. I am usually the only one who can decipher them. Amazingly, I think this mixed media project stuck to the blueprint!

I would love to share that I used the Keys and Heart Keyhole for some deep mystical purpose. The truth is, I like skeleton keys -- they remind me of my grandmother's house. They represent "wisdom" and "magic" to me. I sure hope I have learned SOMETHING in this life. Of course, the longer I live, the less I realize I KNOW.

The moon phases and glimpses of the universe were painted on the newsprint of Toledo, Ohio (where I live). There are skulls and bottled stars and non working watch parts. Yes, I am a teen again! These are all the things I used to draw and collect back in the day! Personally, I am in the "crone" stage of life. According to the mythologies -- I should be wise, mysterious, aloof, etc. "Should be" are the operative words here. I think I am just a nutty rabbit lady.

I think the most disturbing aspect of this piece is NOT the skulls standing guard. It is the non functional watch parts. Time has stopped for someone. Maybe it represents a space where time is non linear and holds no consequence ...

Every year I do a Death Hare. This year is THE CLOVER. This is graphite and the color was added with pastel chalk.

This piece is also about transition. I think I see a theme here.
Transitioning, for me, is ALWAYS a traumatic life learning time. I hope one day to be doing only COASTING pieces.

I did explain this piece to someone:
Perhaps it is about a love between a Hare and a Human so great, that she stands guard even through death and decay...

Could you imagine such a love?
The beasts stood guard over Majnun's grave in THE STORY OF LAYLA AND MAJNUN
by Nizami (I prefer the translation by Rudolf Gelpke).

I'm not sure if it is romantic ... or tragic.

I am sure that I need a coffee.


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