Thursday, August 4, 2016



I may, or may not, have been vanity Googling when I came across an article titled:
ARE RABBITS THE NEW CATS? that featured various pieces of artwork.

As it turns out -- the article is on the Luerzers Archive site and I am in it! And I am in it not once, but TWICE!

There are all kinds of bunny illustrations featured.
Did I mention I was in the article TWICE?

Illustrator: Herman Geurts

Illustrator: Elena Kanyukova

Read the article HERE.

And now for your enjoyment:

-- Lance

Friday, July 22, 2016


As seen on a local FEED LUCAS COUNTY CHILDREN INC. van:

I like the bananas and I am very thankful for them!
Thank you.


Saturday, July 2, 2016


Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits got a mention on that fabulous blog site:

This is a fantastic way to start getting back into the swing of things again!

If you haven't already perused the ONLINE EDUCATIONS PROMOTIONS, please do!
There is a wealth of information there. I believe I even said that before!

And now, an obligatory rabbit:

Thursday, June 2, 2016


It all started as what I interpreted to be a sneeze. I checked for dust, hay and whatnot. There was no dust, no hay, no whatnot. Sammy was fine the next day. Fast forward two weeks ...

It all started as what I interpreted to be a sneeze. I checked for dust, hay and whatnot. There was no dust, no hay, no whatnot. Sammy was NOT fine the next day. I know what the beginning of stasis looks like all too well. I rung up the vet.

Sitting in the vet's office, I just *knew* -- call it intuition, if you will.

The Vet decided upon X Rays in order to rule out low grade pneumonia (it has been seen around here). She brought back the X Rays - and this is what we saw:

Yes. Stasis. But wait ... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

is some sort of mass in the urinary tract. Cue Sammy's mournful "mew."
I will spare all the details of everything done (which included medications, sending him home, going back to the Med Vet twice). What I will share is that I hope to never hear such a mournful sound from any of my bunnies ever again.

Come Saturday, or maybe it was Sunday. It could have even been Monday ... Sammy went BACK to Med Vet. Procedures were discussed. Chins were tapped. Brows were furrowed. With each moment I felt a little worse -- to the point I was sure I was about to have a nervous breakdown.


The next day the phone rang. GOOD NEWS! Sammy gave birth, without need of surgery (which would have more or less been fatal due to his stasis) to a .25" stone. A full fledged, bona fide STONE.

Sammy's full name is SAMUEL L. JACKSON -- because he is one tough MOFO.
After seeing this, I believe he has lived up to his name.

We are still majorly medicating, giving SUB Qs all the while watching what is left of my hopes and dreams march single file out of the bank account.

I spent an evening in the hospital. I decided upon that nervous breakdown after all.
This lady was grossly upset or sick or tired or some such. I bided my time with nurses and doctors -- mostly weeping about a sick rabbit and explaining my diagnosis garnered from WEB MD concerning the pain in my side.  Their diagnosis was that WEB MD is wrong; it isn't fatal. I'm not sure I believe them ... BUT I am currently on a plethora of meds and am ordered to stay away from WEB MD.
I go back for my own set of tests next week.

Sammy sits here looking at me as if to say: What's wrong with you?
My response: I got stasis.

Me and Sammy.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lyra Minute runs a blog that promotes artists. It is titled:

Online Education Promotions

She approached me asking if she could feature my comic in order to not only support my work, but also facilitate rabbit ownership education. Of course I agreed! Lyra wrote this wonderful piece about yours truly! ... And I am humbled by her words.


It's been some time since anyone has called me an "activist".
"Advocate" - yes.

I like it.


Give Lyra's blog a read -- it is a WEALTH of information dealing with various topics!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yours truly managed to garner a Best of the Best award from
Hiii Brand's Illustration 2015 Competition!

I am always thrilled when one of the rabbits gets recognition!
IRISH HARE is one of my favorite pieces too!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Sometimes a name goes by my desktop that makes me stop in my tracks. And when I say, "stop in my tracks",
I mean it.  It often happens when I am feeling like this:

Then Lo!:

A private message from BUSINESS CAT himself, Tom Fonder!!
I confess, I am a YUGE fan of Business Cat.
At the end of his Business Cat message he typed, and I quote:

"I really love the way you draw rabbits. :) "

And now I feel:

Go read
It'll make you laugh.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Occasionally I will come across a posting or a photo (or both) on social media that just sticks with me.
This is how I found a rabbit by the name of Dusty Bunneh. And yes, it is one of "those" pages: a rabbit's
own Facebook page.

I saw a photo that just really grabbed me. It depicted the hand of a man cradling
the head of Dusty. The paragraph included was about Dusty's rescue.

A Portrait of a Rescue

If you would like to see more of the "real" Dusty Bunneh,
check out his Facebook page:

Friday, February 12, 2016


Inspired by the general state of fantastic art, I delved into gouache paints and color pencil.
Behold ...


As odd as this may sound, I had issue with the way the paint "feels". I like how graphite pencil feels on paper. Between the new texture and working in color (as opposed the beautiful grays of graphite), it was a good exercise for me. 

Illusion Magazine / Scene 360 picked it up!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


I have to share a water color that my daughter painted and presented to me.
She had a dream about a young black deer.
This was the result:

She is an art teacher.

I was lamenting the night she gave me this painting:
Sometimes I will see pieces by other people that just blow me away.
I shared with her that I will look at other artists' pieces and just WISH I could do something utterly amazing
like the particular piece.

"I sometimes look at a piece and think, 'I want to do THAT.'"

"Mom, you CAN." She said.
"You can't do something like "that" piece because it isn't organic; It wasn't born from inside of you. But you can do your OWN magnificent work."

Did I mention that she is an art TEACHER?

SHE is one of my magnificent works.

Monday, January 18, 2016


This is for a future REGARDING THE SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS comic:

Dios de Plátano

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


THE ADVOCATE wrote a lovely article about the SURREAL SALON 8!

I scrolled through the samples that they posted in their slide show. The work is AMAZING.
I also fell off my chair with slide #13.
Slide # 13 is my IRISH HARE:

If you are in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, I strongly recommend seeing this show.

Surreal Salon 8 is aimed at once again engaging audiences in a multi-sensory art experience like no other in the region by shedding light on the growing popularity and exceptional quality of the pop-surrealist/lowbrow movement. Submissions were reviewed via a blind jurying process that ensured that works were selected based solely on their artistic merit (the juror did not see an artist’s name, resume or contact information).

Over the years, Surreal Salon has enlisted well-known and well-respected jurors for Surreal Salon – including the co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine, Greg Escalante and internationally-renowned artist, Shag - to assist in making Surreal Salon as artistically engaging as possible. That tradition is once again renewed in 2016 with one of pop-surrealism's most recognizable artists, Elizabeth McGrath, serving as Special Guest Juror and personally selecting each work to be included in the exhibition from the submissions received. -- Juxtapoz Magazine

Be sure to also check out the Juror's work:

Baton Rouge Gallery - Center for Contemporary
Art 1515 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Saturday, January 9, 2016


People died because of cartoons. We know that cartoons can be used as weapons. History tells us this –
An artist always has the choice to NOT do a cartoon that will feed hatred.
-- Patrick Chappatte: The power of cartoons
I believe there is power in art. People see images and through their own experiences and subsequent filters, give those images power. Cartoons and art are used to communicate “enlightening ideas”, support and they are used to “stir the fire” for nefarious reasons.
PROPOGANDA is a fine example of all of the above. History has shown this to be absolutely true.

The most recent example that I can think of was the deaths with the CHARLIE HEBDO attack on January 7, 2015.
I witnessed the world split in their opinion:
an artist has a RIGHT to draw whatever they want vs. the artists KNEW what was going to happen.

Many people do not realize that there were artists at Charlie Hebdo who passed on the assignment citing that their refusal was out of "personal responsibility". The magazine is notorious for printing incendiary images that would elicit everything from laughter to outrage.

Personally, I believe no one should be censored. I also believe that an artist does have a responsibility when publishing a piece.
I have always stood by these proclamations.

One would think that drawing a rabbit-oriented comic would keep an artist out of trouble.
One would think.

UNEARTHED COMICS -- Sara Zimmermam

I had an idea that I have kept hidden. I knocked it around. I sketched it out. I drew it. It really didn't have a "good feel.” Still, I wondered if people would like it.
I put it out on my Facebook page and simply asked for public opinion.

Now that I have built up the idea that I suddenly became horrifically political and made a loud polarizing statement – here is the image that caused a rukus:

Some laughed.Some decided that they did not like the message but thought others would like it. Some were outright angered/horrified and sent me email to say so. It was a most interesting mix.

I sat and thought, “Wow. This little comic made for one long thread in social media.”

I have said it before and I will say it again: Rabbit Folk are a passionate people.
This is why I love them.
I am proud to admit I am one of them.

I played around with the concept above but it just did not have the same punch.
That is my confession: there is part of me that is dark. There is part of me that likes the "punch".
And that was what I liked about this cartoon: it was a punch in the gut.

I asked myself whether it flowed in the vein of what I am doing with the comic as a whole.
Do I really want people think someone would actually leave a soul behind? Plus ... the sentiment has been done before ...

Here is the comic that was birthed:


Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I would like to take a moment to announce that as of January 2016, RABBIT TIME, the Netherland's premier online rabbit magazine, will be (on occasion) featuring REGARDING THE SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS!

Ons initiatief:
Het idee om een konijnenmagazine te beginnen  is  in 2012 ontstaan.  We hadden namelijk in eerste instantie gewoon zelf behoefte aan een leuk en informatief konijnenblad, want dat bleek in Nederland en België nog helemaal niet te bestaan. Verder bedachten wij ons dat er vast nog veel meer  konijneneigenaren zijn, die wat meer over hun konijn willen lezen. Zodoende zijn we met een creatief team van vrijwilligers, die natuurlijk allemaal een passie voor konijnen hebben, in het voorjaar van 2013 gestart met Rabbit Time

or, as I attempt to translate via Google:
Our initiative:
The idea to start a rabbit magazine emerged in 2012. We had in fact initially just wanted a fun and informative rabbits magazine because there weren't any in the Netherlands or Belgium. We also figured that there are probably many rabbit owners who wanted to read more about their rabbit. We are a creative team of volunteers who, of course, all have a passion for rabbits. The spring of 2013 marked the beginning of
Rabbit Time!

I am pleased and excited to be part of this Netherland/Belgium Bunny-Lovers' magazine!