Saturday, January 9, 2016


People died because of cartoons. We know that cartoons can be used as weapons. History tells us this –
An artist always has the choice to NOT do a cartoon that will feed hatred.
-- Patrick Chappatte: The power of cartoons
I believe there is power in art. People see images and through their own experiences and subsequent filters, give those images power. Cartoons and art are used to communicate “enlightening ideas”, support and they are used to “stir the fire” for nefarious reasons.
PROPOGANDA is a fine example of all of the above. History has shown this to be absolutely true.

The most recent example that I can think of was the deaths with the CHARLIE HEBDO attack on January 7, 2015.
I witnessed the world split in their opinion:
an artist has a RIGHT to draw whatever they want vs. the artists KNEW what was going to happen.

Many people do not realize that there were artists at Charlie Hebdo who passed on the assignment citing that their refusal was out of "personal responsibility". The magazine is notorious for printing incendiary images that would elicit everything from laughter to outrage.

Personally, I believe no one should be censored. I also believe that an artist does have a responsibility when publishing a piece.
I have always stood by these proclamations.

One would think that drawing a rabbit-oriented comic would keep an artist out of trouble.
One would think.

UNEARTHED COMICS -- Sara Zimmermam

I had an idea that I have kept hidden. I knocked it around. I sketched it out. I drew it. It really didn't have a "good feel.” Still, I wondered if people would like it.
I put it out on my Facebook page and simply asked for public opinion.

Now that I have built up the idea that I suddenly became horrifically political and made a loud polarizing statement – here is the image that caused a rukus:

Some laughed.Some decided that they did not like the message but thought others would like it. Some were outright angered/horrified and sent me email to say so. It was a most interesting mix.

I sat and thought, “Wow. This little comic made for one long thread in social media.”

I have said it before and I will say it again: Rabbit Folk are a passionate people.
This is why I love them.
I am proud to admit I am one of them.

I played around with the concept above but it just did not have the same punch.
That is my confession: there is part of me that is dark. There is part of me that likes the "punch".
And that was what I liked about this cartoon: it was a punch in the gut.

I asked myself whether it flowed in the vein of what I am doing with the comic as a whole.
Do I really want people think someone would actually leave a soul behind? Plus ... the sentiment has been done before ...

Here is the comic that was birthed:



  1. I saw this when you posted it on reddit. I gave it an easy upcarrot, but I didn't realize it had become controversial. To me it seemed spot-on if not a bit understated. I thought how I would have written the same general idea, but of course I have my own ideas about the matter:

    "I would let you die to pet my rabbit."
    "I would let you die and steal your rabbit."
    "I would let you die to get to the rabbit supply store before closing time."

    And so on. You get the idea I'm sure. To people who joke about eating rabbits, I have said that if they touch my rabbit I will burn down their house. You're right that rabbit folk are passionate about our rabbits, but in that respect, you're not very extreme (sorry). Or at least I don't consider your "the politics of sammy" cartoon to be that outrageous. I think you're very mild and harmless, and I think your work is without peer and sheer genius. I think it's iconic and universal like "peanuts" or "calvin and hobbes". And I think it can help and is helping to spread
    the word that rabbits are complex, social, and intelligent creatures, not cheap dime-a-dozen "starter pets". And I would proudly wear that t-shirt in public. Highest regards, Harry ("littlehairyape" on /r/rabbits)

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