Saturday, February 6, 2016


I have to share a water color that my daughter painted and presented to me.
She had a dream about a young black deer.
This was the result:

She is an art teacher.

I was lamenting the night she gave me this painting:
Sometimes I will see pieces by other people that just blow me away.
I shared with her that I will look at other artists' pieces and just WISH I could do something utterly amazing
like the particular piece.

"I sometimes look at a piece and think, 'I want to do THAT.'"

"Mom, you CAN." She said.
"You can't do something like "that" piece because it isn't organic; It wasn't born from inside of you. But you can do your OWN magnificent work."

Did I mention that she is an art TEACHER?

SHE is one of my magnificent works.


  1. She is so smart.
    But I thought you knew you DO do amazing work. Or did you think everybun can create so much life in a 'few' strokes?
    Your bunnies are so much in your heart they come to life on paper as little treasures for us all to enjoy.
    I suppose you should probably give each of them a healthy treat :)

  2. Each of us is unique and so therefore has the potential to amaze everyone else.

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