Friday, July 21, 2017


No, I am not there.
One of my works, however, IS!
Remember this guy?

5 Prints (I outrageously priced, mind you) are for sale and the work is on SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS LOS ANGELES' Jumbo-tron! With my NAME!
(I'm "Penny Collins" -- in case you forgot).
I have finally achieved the great height of my name in lights. Thank-you!
That would be BOOTH #2616

For more information:

Although I am not physically present, I cannot even begin to describe my level of excitement!
Not only EVERYTHING about this Comic-Con, but Kevin Smith was also there!

One day, I will see him live. I love his positive encouragement for people in the arts. I love his appreciation. I always feel inspired when I hear/see him speak (Thank God for the Internets!)
As an "old woman", it pays to have inspiration ...

At last, I finished EZRA.
What a trip this piece has been. He was a therapy rabbit and quite the personality. I had the honor of meeting him whereas he insisted that I give him a pet (or two. or three). He was a phenomenal soul for his person.

I am still on my ink-on-Dura-Lar kick. This piece took some time as I illustrated slowly and patiently, taking in the experience. This is a learning thing for me. I put the initial drawing down with graphite. Ink the back as an under painting then go to town on the front.
He finally came to life and I walked away to call him "finished".

That I have a piece at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2017?!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hello and it is hot. This is my house right now ...

I would like to present one of the numerous projects in progress. He is "EZRA", an English Lop.
I am working this project on Dura-Lar with Acrylic ink and color pencil. It's a learning process.

Two important lessons I have learned working in this media:
  • 1. "BLACK" (in any media) is WAY too dark. It looks as if it is completely out of place.
    (and yes, the art teachers told me NEVER to use BLACK)
  • 2. Anything harder than HB graphite doesn't work for me.

Four stages of coming to life. I am currently working in some background and have not been happy since this fourth panel. I need to put some shadowing in so he can stop looking like he is levitating.

THE TRAUMA: As I worked around the adorable fuzzy mouth, this artist totally botched it. This wasn't as easy as an UNDO key. Or even gingerly scraping off the offending marks and strokes.

The work was set aside for a few days before returning. The repair was long and meticulous. The following image is post-repair:

I have hit a couple "follower milestones" on social media with Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits!
If only I were this popular in high school.

Yeah. Me too.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


It's a bit late to wish everyone a new year. And living in the states, I think we are all calming down from being floored by our 2016 presidential election results. Here I am -- March 2017.

So far:
I lost a friend (he died) and I'm still coping.
Lance has been ill.
The audience for Regarding Comic keeps growing!

That pretty much sums it all up.

This piece was a new medium for me: Dura Lar and ink. The project started with a graphite drawing on the front -- the ink is applied to the back. I did some "tweaking" on the graphite side ...
But here it is!


That is an Irish Hare on a hook. It is reminiscent of classic "vulgar" nature paintings. I was instructed to research The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (by a mentor).

The symbolism is dealing with death; lots and lots of death. One can't ignore the fact the rabbit is "nailed to a tree." That was purely subconscious Christian (or Nordic) symbolism on my part. I was focusing on drawing an apple tree ...

Conscious Symbols
APPLE TREE: Remembrance
MEAT HOOK: Violence, against the will, unnatural, untimely death
IRISH HARE: Associated with moon deities - signifies rebirth/resurrection.
APPLE BLOSSOM: Love, healing and immortality / Spring
WHITE RABBIT: The Spirit, something mystical, the afterlife

If you see/feel anything else, I would LOVE to hear from you!