Thursday, March 9, 2017


It's a bit late to wish everyone a new year. And living in the states, I think we are all calming down from being floored by our 2016 presidential election results. Here I am -- March 2017.

So far:
I lost a friend (he died) and I'm still coping.
Lance has been ill.
The audience for Regarding Comic keeps growing!

That pretty much sums it all up.

This piece was a new medium for me: Dura Lar and ink. The project started with a graphite drawing on the front -- the ink is applied to the back. I did some "tweaking" on the graphite side ...
But here it is!


That is an Irish Hare on a hook. It is reminiscent of classic "vulgar" nature paintings. I was instructed to research The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (by a mentor).

The symbolism is dealing with death; lots and lots of death. One can't ignore the fact the rabbit is "nailed to a tree." That was purely subconscious Christian (or Nordic) symbolism on my part. I was focusing on drawing an apple tree ...

Conscious Symbols
APPLE TREE: Remembrance
MEAT HOOK: Violence, against the will, unnatural, untimely death
IRISH HARE: Associated with moon deities - signifies rebirth/resurrection.
APPLE BLOSSOM: Love, healing and immortality / Spring
WHITE RABBIT: The Spirit, something mystical, the afterlife

If you see/feel anything else, I would LOVE to hear from you!


  1. This is so beautiful. Incredibly sad, but beautiful. Great job on this. Would it be possible to purchase this in canvas art, I wonder..? Regardless, very moving piece. It really struck a chord with me. Thank you for your art.

    1. I will be putting it in my stores! I will let you know.
      Thank you. I consider this a "process piece" ...

  2. I hope Lance gets better! Whenever Shadow(my Lop) gets ill, be it GI stasis or even a bit if gas, I always freak a little.

  3. It looks very beautiful and the rabbit seems live~

  4. Same here because since working with a dissertation writing services company, I could not find time to wish you. However, although this is month of April in 2017 but still, I would like to wish you happy new year and wish you best of luck for things that you want to achieve.

  5. I can not understand what scares me in this picture, for me it looks like something eerie, but at the same time it's all very talented.