Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hello and it is hot. This is my house right now ...

I would like to present one of the numerous projects in progress. He is "EZRA", an English Lop.
I am working this project on Dura-Lar with Acrylic ink and color pencil. It's a learning process.

Two important lessons I have learned working in this media:
  • 1. "BLACK" (in any media) is WAY too dark. It looks as if it is completely out of place.
    (and yes, the art teachers told me NEVER to use BLACK)
  • 2. Anything harder than HB graphite doesn't work for me.

Four stages of coming to life. I am currently working in some background and have not been happy since this fourth panel. I need to put some shadowing in so he can stop looking like he is levitating.

THE TRAUMA: As I worked around the adorable fuzzy mouth, this artist totally botched it. This wasn't as easy as an UNDO key. Or even gingerly scraping off the offending marks and strokes.

The work was set aside for a few days before returning. The repair was long and meticulous. The following image is post-repair:

I have hit a couple "follower milestones" on social media with Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits!
If only I were this popular in high school.

Yeah. Me too.


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