Friday, July 21, 2017


No, I am not there.
One of my works, however, IS!
Remember this guy?

5 Prints (I outrageously priced, mind you) are for sale and the work is on SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS LOS ANGELES' Jumbo-tron! With my NAME!
(I'm "Penny Collins" -- in case you forgot).
I have finally achieved the great height of my name in lights. Thank-you!
That would be BOOTH #2616

For more information:

Although I am not physically present, I cannot even begin to describe my level of excitement!
Not only EVERYTHING about this Comic-Con, but Kevin Smith was also there!

One day, I will see him live. I love his positive encouragement for people in the arts. I love his appreciation. I always feel inspired when I hear/see him speak (Thank God for the Internets!)
As an "old woman", it pays to have inspiration ...

At last, I finished EZRA.
What a trip this piece has been. He was a therapy rabbit and quite the personality. I had the honor of meeting him whereas he insisted that I give him a pet (or two. or three). He was a phenomenal soul for his person.

I am still on my ink-on-Dura-Lar kick. This piece took some time as I illustrated slowly and patiently, taking in the experience. This is a learning thing for me. I put the initial drawing down with graphite. Ink the back as an under painting then go to town on the front.
He finally came to life and I walked away to call him "finished".

That I have a piece at COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2017?!