Friday, March 23, 2018


Why, yes, I am a little late. Thank you for asking.

New Stuff ... Sort of.
1. If you cast your gaze to the right (on a desktop view) and God knows how much scrolling and cursing it will take to find on your version of a cell phone -- you will see a thumbnail to the most recent REGARDING THE SECRET LIFE OF RABBITS comic!

2. I also changed the banner to fit the "look" of whatever look I sometimes imagine my branding to be.

3. You will notice a tab for the REGARDING STORE which is nowhere near ready. So there is absolutely no merchandise on it. It's just there. Teasing everyone. I am currently working on it.

All of the above called for a nap.


Another ink and color pencil on Dura-Lar. I am still learning the canvas and whatnot.
Initially, I was going to crop this closer. I, however, happen to like the raw look of this.

It's chock-full of symbolism and I wrote a very pithy description for just such occasions. I cannot seem to locate it though.

The overall theme is humanity's mortality. I wanted to render a dystopian dreamscape.
The hare as spiritual messenger has survived whatever happened here.
The daylily illustrates how quickly our time here is done.
And, of course, the human skull long since buried by the ravages of time. Or maybe buried by sassy hares.

If you wish to dig deeper:
The mythology of Adam (the first man) plays a powerful influence here. His name, "Adamah" means "of the red earth". From earth, we are created and to earth, we shall return.

Please feel free to comment any of your own observations. I am always fascinated with what people bring to the work.

A commission.


  1. Love the painting!

  2. I really love this amazing painting! You seem to be so creative and smart! I am going to look for more projects produced by you!

  3. I'd love a comic pic of my three!!!