Sunday, April 22, 2018


I would like to introduce you to a rabbit that has been the focus of some of my attention as of late:

This ball of Sass is named "Butterscotch".
She is one of those pre "Easter Rescues" that folks don't often discuss.

You see, people start abandoning/surrendering rabbits BEFORE Easter.
A wise rescuer told me that it was because the general public tends to assume that these buns will be rehomed easily due to the fact "everyone wants an Easter Bunny".

Many of these rabbits are surrendered under circumstances that seem completely logical.
Sometimes they ARE logical -- sometimes a home takes a turn for the worst.
It doesn't make the situation any less sorrowful for anyone involved.

Her tale is interesting.
I will be telling her story for the next couple of weeks via Regarding The Secret Life Of Rabbits site.
The story is simple but not so unique.

Please join us there!

Butterscotch in Repose.

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