Sunday, May 20, 2018


Greetings all you bunny freaks!
Let us take 30 seconds to watch GODZILLA -- as presented by
30 Seconds Bunnies Theatre!

Make sure to travel down THAT rabbit hole and lose several hours of time viewing classic movies (old and new) performed in 30 seconds ... by cartoon bunnies! (And show the humans some love!)

Well, it's that time of year AGAIN. Grandfather Lance has an ear infection. This happens every change of the main seasons. The vet explained going into winter things pipe up because the body is adjusting to shedding and growing out a new coat. Springtime brings -- well shedding and the Spring crazies.

Naturally, I phoned my veterinarian the MOMENT I noticed Lance was "off". (I put off calling the doctor for myself for months, mind you). As is typical -- he was on vacation for 2 weeks.

Of COURSE, he's on vacation!
You may think I panicked. I did. But that's beside the point. This Rabbit Woman has a backup rabbit-savvy vet. (And if THAT vet was on "vacation" then I have an EMERGENCY VET). Off we went to the backup rabbit-savvy vet. Who was not in. But there was a new doctor there -- Backup to the backup!

Of COURSE, she's not there!
Dr. Backup Backup Rabbit Savvy-Vet looked 16 and, refreshingly, had the same enthusiasm. I have been to this rodeo many times so basically dictated what I expected.

As nerve-wracking as it was to have a total stranger touching my precious cargo, it was acceptable. And she was open to what I had to say.

I had brought all of the previous meds that Lance was prescribed and then left the appointment as a walking apothecary.

As in "bunnies" -- albeit my behind is aging as well. As it turns out, Lance's newest diagnosis shows him having the beginnings of arthritis. He can no longer get his hind leg up to clean his ears. The wax builds up and then it turns into a science class petre dish. I will be cleaning his ears for him once a week from now on. And perhaps -- this will help with the infections. (right).

I have now added joint support to the digestive support supplements as well as a probiotic. Again, I hardly exercise and barely remember to take vitamins. Ok, fine. I don't exercise. This is what my counter looks like:

I am giving Lance Critical Care.

Lance loves it and eats every bit. Somehow, however, he manages to get it all over me, my clothes, the floor, etc ...
My clothes after a Critical Care luncheon
I decided to maneuver him over a bowl as I fed him off of a spoon. Grandfather Lance had something to say about THAT:
He bites me because he likes me!
He is recovering well.
I am running out of clothes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


I am still working on the shop! Truly! I am also uber overwhelmed by it. The shop itself will be simple (that's the plan anyhow). I know, for now, only light color shirts will be available -- BUT LOOK AT ONE OF THEM!

I am not sure how to go about figuring out shipping costs etc. The way I figure it: if a billion people on ETSY can figure this out, so can I!  (Dammit, Jim! I'm an artist, not a mathematician!)

\mathop {\lim }\limits_{x \to  - \infty }
 \tan ^{ - 1} \left( x \right) =  - \frac{\pi }{2}

As fate would have it, there is a link to subscribe to a Newsletter. The gentleman who started building my shop (who disappeared), was encouraging me to do a newsletter. I have subscribers, but no newsletter. As you can see, I am on top of things. Yessirree.


The Tale of Butterscotch is winding down this week. We will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon. I will be sharing more information about f5rs rescue and Bunnies in Baskets, so stay tuned.

And at last! Some ART! Fan Art to be exact. I love it when people send me things! Who doesn't like presents?

A woodshop rendition of LANCE! It's nice to know someone creatively put together their scraps with That Lady in mind.

I crack myself up.

Remember OF THE RED EARTH? I wanted a sample on a standard sized canvas. I'm thinking I like this.

Russette's Stink-Eye