Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Originally, this rabbit was under my daughter's roof. Due to life, they both came to temporarily live with me. I refused to let the little one leave.

She looks so innocent here
Her name was initially "Russel" -- we soon discovered "Russel" was "Russette". The first time I took her outside, Russette ran. She made a bee-line to a squirrel. I was following quickly behind, worried that it would not end well. They kissed. Then they both casually went their own ways.

This was just the beginning of nearly a decade of one of the most ornery Dutchies I have ever known. Russ was an expert at stealing art supplies, taking pencils while still in my hand, running across canvases and spilling inks. My studio was her favorite room.

She eats art supplies
I also had to keep the bathroom door shut. Russette loved to be IN the bathtub ... whether I was bathing in it or not. She was NUTS and full of unending energy.

I wasn't kidding

Every day

If you ever wanted to know where she was, she was either asleep in my eye or at my feet. The little heartbeat.

Her illness was hidden. By the time she let me know it was too late.
This time, I had no choice. I had to let her leave.

Her ashes will be here tomorrow. She'll be where she belongs.