Thursday, March 7, 2019

A new Year!

I realize it is March, but I am making my new year entrance with the Mad March Hare.
Time just keeps rolling by whether we want it to or not. To catch you up on things:
  • I am still having my daily existential crisis.
  • I am currently chasing a ghost.
That pretty much sums it all up. And to be any more cryptic I would probably have to write in hieroglyphics. Or a comic. Stay tuned.

I decided to begin my year with a self-portrait. I was taught that all artists should do self-portraits and should update them. I am not sure of the master artist that came up with that gem but having to stare at myself for as long as I had to was a little less than glib.


I started with a vector illustration. I consider it a warm up. In this, I portray my "mythology" (how I fantasize myself to be) ala Art Deco. The stars are the RABBIT constellation. The moon is in the CRONE phase.
I am always amused when people find out my age and say things like, "I thought you were YOUNGER." No. I am not. I am an old crotchety curmudgeon of a lady.

For you whippersnappers out there -- just know that there IS better ahead. There are stories to tell. And it is NEVER too late to begin again or start something new. Listen to me, I'm old and wise.

The past matters not, and the future does not exist. All “histories" are merely stories of mind, dreams of consciousness, imaginings from biased memories, and tainted reflections from biased egos who choose to project their so-called beliefs and their false sense of a personal self onto their present moment perception.All are false.Only the here and now is real—but only when it's untainted by the dreaming mind.When we peacefully abide in the infinite abundance of our choiceless awareness, we embrace the Eternal Now with our True Self.
Ink and Color Pencil on Dura-Lar

The printed proof arrived today!

Aaaaaaand Lance is unimpressed.

Until next time!