Sunday, April 21, 2019


Happy Easter everyone! While some of you are with family or eating jelly beans or looking for colorful eggs, Yours Truly is sitting on the couch in her underwear. This is how I roll. Enough about me, let's focus on me:

I think I may be “getting somewhere” with my comic! It’s a mixed bag, mind you. New followers have slowed down considerably. (I know. I know. I gotta get busy with The Plan). Yet, there are a few things that excite me GREATLY! Whether they excite anyone else is beyond me. But let me share –

Heckies if I know! I have no idea if anything is lost in translation, but how cool is THIS?! The buns speak multiple languages!

Contact info here:

Turns out Sammy was a 2016 meme.



My first cease and desist opportunity!

Dammit, Jim!
They left out the punchline!

Some folks have brought to my attention that Sammy plays the tuba. Yes. Yes he does.
I mean, he also plays the bagpipes, paints, is a mime, etc. Samuel L. Jackson is a regular Renaissance Rabbit.

Lower brass aficionados, however, know that Sammy plays various tubas. Although he prefers a Miraphone 4 flat-valved Bbb, he makes do with the 3 rotary valve *cough*Yamaha*cough*. Of course, where would any rabbit be without a sousaphone? (Band geek talk is so sexy).

Coincidentally, as fate would have it, I played all of the above! Sans bagpipes – instead I had a piston/rotor contrabass G bugle. Take THAT, Sammy!

Here is Sammy in all his glory and his – umm – inspiration.


Rehearsing in the High School Theatre
with 4 Valve Miraphone.


Don't I look tired?
Blame Mr. Lehrer: Band Director

Honestly, I loved it. So much so that I commemorated those times in my flesh:

My  tattoo

My tattoo on Facebook.
And said Band Director!

I have grown to appreciate this man wholeheartedly. If ever you have been in marching band, you understand. Of course, do NOT ask him about my very first show whereas I bungled stopping at the 50. On film. Replayed. In front of the entire band. *ahem*
[He just stared at me and said nothing] *ahem again*
What happens in the band room
I share on social media for likes.


To think I now have bingo arms and get winded getting off the couch. And you know as well as That Lady does, Sir Samuel will NOT be outdone:

So there you have it. Sammy's musical history sans bagpipes. If you made it this far, here is one especially for you:

Snow Rising!

Does anyone else see an "Fu"?

Thursday, April 4, 2019


It sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Well, for someone coupled with anxiety AND laziness, it IS.
I have decided to FINALLY put some things into motion. If truth be told, I decided that some years ago but hey. I am going to write a list. I am going to DO the things on the to-do list.

I. Pay my taxes.
That’s right. I’m an adult and every April I am forced to adult the crap out of my finances. I have until the 15th for said adulting.

Well, technically it didn't happen TODAY.

II. Take complete control over my currently non-existent store.

Obviously, this partnership thing is NOT going to work. I should have known via my experiences with high school group projects. Things don’t change much as you near 35 years post-graduation. Come to think of it, higher education was much the same way. Hecks, the work-a-day world is the same way!

A ) Taking control means:
1. Taking my meds
2. Learning an unfamiliar platform
3. Learning an unfamiliar “store” platform
4. Learning to feed my products INTO said unfamiliar store found on an unfamiliar platform.
5. Taking my meds

III. I think I WILL do a newsletter!
*ahem* again

THOSE are my 3 immediate goals.
I already know how the printing will work AND –

 –wait for it –

There will be international shipping that won’t kill any of our pockets.
So prints, mugs and some shirts to start!

It’s going to be a bumpy night for a bit but I’m almost 55 and will be needing a gold-plated walker with dangling pine tree air fresheners hanging on it soon.

If truth be told, I feel almost ancient in a sea of comic-drawing internet youth. There. I said it.
However, isn’t it always the ancient ones who command wisdom and can conjure fireballs to throw at the young whippersnappers?

But let me lay some biggly truthiness on my rabbity folk:
I’m just getting started.


PS. Make sure to grab the current issue of BunnyZine! Download for FREE.
And it's REALLY Free -- not click-through-until-you-need-to-pay free.
Yours Truly is featured in this issue with an artsy interview! Also,  Bad Bun Sammy sharing the front cover with three other artists (Betsy Aschacher, Diana Moll and Yollie Boag ).