An Ohio native, Penny Collins received her Bachelor of
Fine Arts Degree from Wright State University and her
Bachelor of Business Science Degree in Graphic Design
from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Penny currently lives
in Toledo, Ohio with her 3 raging bunnies.

Penny’s work has been exhibited throughout the United
States, including the Toledo Museum of Art. Her work
has been published in various international Design
and Illustration annuals/books and has received many recognitions and awards.

Her comic, Regarding The Secret Life of Rabbits is currently featured in BUNNY MAD MAGAZINE! in the UK, the small town newspaper The Sylvania AdVantage as well as several rabbit-care magazines.

What started as a “RABBIT-A-DAY” creative exercise, turned into a life-long passion. Although my illustration/artwork
covers the gamut of life and subject matter, I continually return to the little heartbeats at my feet.

I found your wonderful Bunneh collection through a friend… It comes close to capturing the totality of the bunny Gestalt, 
in all its myriad forms, than anything I have ever seen. Marvelous! And just a little scary - the images we can create from the template of a little woodland creature. Keep up the great work! -- Jane XXXXXXX